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Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine

Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine
Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine
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Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine

Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes) most popularly known as ' sugar ' is a result of Pancreas disorder. Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for this ailment in any field of medicine except controlling it by medicines and other means. In this disorder body fails to regulate the amount of glucose (sugar) present in blood. In this present modern era, Diabetes became one of the biggest menaces and its incidence is on the continuous ascending order. It is estimated that more than 200 million people, worldwide, are suffering with this incurable disease and are incurred with heavy medical expenses. Regrettably, India is also growing fast as a “Hub of Diabetes”. Diabetes considerably lowers the quality of health and life if proper curative measures are not taken. (FAQs On Diabetes)


The chief source of energy in body is glucose which comes from the food we take. Such produced glucose is utilized as energy. Beta cells of pancreas secret a hormone known as “insulin” which plays a key role in regulation of glucose produced in body by converting blood glucose (blood sugar) in to energy. Derivation of sugar levels in body depends on the type of food we eat. Based on the quantity of sugar present in blood the pancreas also produces the required quantity of insulin to normalize sugar levels. Insulin induces body cells to absorb the glucose present in blood stream to bring it to normal levels. You have diabetes means your pancreas either does not secret sufficient insulin or your body is unable to utilize the produced insulin in order to keep the sugar levels in normal ranges. This disorder leads to imbalances of sugar levels in blood which is known as Diabetes. 

TYPES AND CAUSES OF DIABETES: Usually three types of Diabetes are found.

A) TYPE-1 DIABETES (Juvenile Onset Diabetes) – Also known as Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM). This type is mainly observed in younger groups below the age of thirty. This Diabetes is generally a genetic condition or due to viral infections or immune system disorders which cause destruction of Beta cells of pancreas. As a result, pancreas becomes unable to produce insulin and glucose gets deposited in blood without being converted in to energy. In such conditions body to meet its energy requirements generally tries to get it by burning fats and muscles of body which causes the patient to become lean and weak.

B) TYPE-2 DIABETS (Adult Onset/Stable Diabetes) – Also known as Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM). Generally found in adults over the age of thirty. 90% of diabetics suffer from this kind of Diabetes. In this type, pancreas produces sufficient insulin but body becomes unable to process or to utilize it effectively, the condition known as Insulin Resistance (IR). Here produced insulin remains unused and as a result blood sugar levels are raised when food is taken. When glucose derived out of taken food is not properly converted in to energy the body usually tends to burn fats, muscles to get its energy requirements leaving the patient lean and weak. Changed life styles, lack of exercise, sedentary life, excess comforts, wrong food habits, obesity, stress etc. are attributed to be the causes of this type of Diabetes.

C) Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) - It is a temporary phase and similar to type-2 Diabetes in symptoms. It is found in a few pregnant women and normally gets subsided after delivery. It can be cured by short-term medication. 


Symptoms like excess urination, excessive thirst, excessive appetite, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, blurred vision, numbness, tingling, yeast infections, impotence (Loss of Libido) & (ED), Weak or drive and infections in reproductive etc., are felt. One necessarily need not experience all these symptoms collectively. If some people experience few types of these symptoms others may experience few other types of these symptoms. But when anyone feels at least any 2 – 3 signs of these symptoms should become alert and has to seek medical advice to get confirmation of Diabetes.


When Diabetes is left uncared, untreated then dangerous effects like Loss of vision (Diabetic Retinopathy), Kidney failure (Diabetic Nephropathy), Heart failure (Diabetic Cardiomyopathy), Numbness, tingling (Diabetic Neuropathy), Increase in bad cholesterol (LDL), Atherosclerosis (plaques of cholesterol) and implications etc. may develop. Due to short of insulin or mismanagement of insulin body will not get enough energy from the food we take.  Then body for want of energy starts to burn fats and in this process, more cholesterol from fats is also released which gets accumulated(plaques) inside of veins (Atherosclerosis) causing obstruction to the flow of blood leading to heart failure, stroke, paralysis etc. in many chronic diabetics.


As we told earlier, Diabetes cannot be cured permanently. Yet, there are several effective medicines, effective precautionary steps to control Diabetes to the normal levels. ONLY MEDICINES ALONE CAN NOT DO WELL. Apart from medicines, the following suggestions made by experts are effective and necessary to control the Diabetes well.

EXERCISE: A most unavoidable activity to be done by diabetics daily. Sufficient physical exertion itself reduces excess sugar levels by 30 – 50% which is a big benefit to diabetics. Exercise requires energy which comes from glucose originated from the food taken. When exercise is done, bio-activity of cells is enhanced and as a result blood glucose is consumed more by cells. Daily a normal or brisk walk of 30 – 60 minutes is one of the most widely accepted physical activities in the world. Exercise gives multiple benefits of proper metabolism, stress relief, burning of excess fats, weight reduction, activeness, positive attitude etc. However, chronic patients suffering from ailments like heavy BP, severe cardiac disorders, renal failure etc. need to perform exercises cautiously based on their body conditions under supervision of experts. Diabetic sufferers are generally advised to keep some chocolates or any sweet bits with them during exercise, walking times which will enable them to consume immediately if unexpectedly low sugar symptoms are felt.

FOOD: Oily, fatty, carbohydrate-rich foods (like big quantity of Rice, Potatoes etc.) sweets, sweet drinks, smoking need to be avoided. At least, their intake should be minimized to as best as possible.  A wholesome and balanced food is required. Heavy meal at a time sharply shoots up high sugar levels. Break-up or divided meal i.e. small quantity of food at different times (like 4 – 6 times a day) helps a lot. Make fiber, proteins, green, leafy vegetables, citrus and low-sweet fruits etc. a part of your diet. So apart from medicines, exercise and break-up meals are most needed in diabetics. 

No doubt, a number of effective allopathic, synthetic drugs for diabetes are available in markets. But, in long run, they are causing unwanted side-effects in many diabetic patients. Ayurveda (Indian herbal medicine system) also suggested equally effective medicinal plants which control blood sugar with NO SIDE EFFECTS which is a significant benefit to diabetic sufferers. Our product “DIABAR” is made with 22 kinds of safe, selected and effective herbs to help control blood sugar levels and to help combat various complications arising out of diabetes. Majority ingredients are taken in their extracted forms to intensify its efficacy. It does not show any interaction with your prescription medicines. The continuous use of it helps you depend less on allopathic, synthetic medicines and gradually it may also make you to discard these chemical medicines. Anyhow, results may vary from person to person based on one’s physiological and health conditions. Our DIABAR is a 100% natural, safe product. Along with this product you can also use our IMMUVITA to boost your immunity (Body resistance power) and to strengthen the body.   


Our product Diabar exerts following multiple benefits all with NO SIDE EFFECTS in type-2 diabetes  

# Helps regenerate lipid mechanism
# Helps activate beta cells of pancreas
# Helps promote insulin secration for safe and gentle glycemic control
# Helps increase good cholesterol (HDL) decrease bad cholesterol (LDL) to reduce the risk of cardiac failures (Diabetic cardiomyopathy)
# Helps exert action like that of metformin hydrochloride which is prominently found in many allopathic medicines
# Helps increase the up-taking, utilization of glucose by cells to lower sugar levels by stimulatiing bio-activity (metabolism) of body cells
# Helps prevent oxidative damage
# Helps prevent vascular and nerve damage (Diabetic neuropathy)
# Helps promote renal health to minimize kidney disorders (Diabetic nephropathy)
# Helps increase hepatic and muscle glycogen contents to enhance the peripheral utilization of blood glucose 


To be used under medical supervision


Each tablet contains the extracts equivalent to:

Gurmar/Meshasrungi - Gymnema Sylvestre 160 mg  
Methi - Trigonella Foenum Graecum 160 mg 
Jamun - Syzygium Cumini 160 mg  
Guduchi  - Tinospora Cordifolia 160 mg   
Haridra - Curcuma Longa 80 mg   
Neem - Azadirachta Indica 80 mg   
Karela - Momordica Charantia 80 mg  
Kalamegha - Andrographis Paniculata 80 mg    
Gokshura - Tribulus Terrestris 80 mg       
Vijayasara - Pterocarpus Marsupium 80 mg  
Bhuamla - Phyllanthus Niruri 40 mg    
Tulasi - Ocimum Sanctum 40 mg   
Kumari - Aloe Vera 40 mg  
Karanja - Pongamia Pinnata 40 mg   
Guggulu - Balsamodendron Mukul 20 mg  
Trikatu - (Pepper+Ginger+Long pepper) 20 mg
Shuddh Shilajith – Purified Asphaltum 20 mg
Kasamardha - Cassia Occidentalis 20 mg  
Punarnava - Boerhavia Diffusa 84 mg 
Amla - Phyllanthus Emblicus 50 mg   
Ashwaganda - Withania Somnifera 50 mg
Excipients:   Q.S.    

INDICATIONS: Helpful in controlling diabetes and its effects

DOSAGE: 2 tablets ½ hr before meals in morning and 2 tablets ½ before meals in night


                                                   As directed by physician                           

Availability:  A box contains 2 strips each one of 30 tablets

Keep in a cool, dry & dark place        Keep out of reach of children

Made in India by:

M/s Divya Vedic Herbal Pharmacy,

Regd.Off: Plot No 61, Rd No. 5, Chandrapuri colony, LB Nagar, Hyderabad -500074, Telangana (India)

Marketed by:

M/s Sai Bhuvana Internationals, Hyderabad (India)



You are already taking some other medicine, may be allopathic or any other for diabetes and now you wish to take our medicine Diabar too, then it should be remembered that you are going to take some extra dose than what you are using. When your body is already habituated to other medicines of diabetes then gradual reduction of the doses of other medicines is preferable under your physician’s advice. However, always follow the instruction of your physician as your case may require. Please note that any time if you feel giddiness or other symptoms of low sugar, immediately consult your doctor as decrease/increase of sugar levels varies from person to person depending on one’s physiological and health conditions.


Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is not intended to be a substitute for any professional medical advice or treatment or any medical diagnosis.