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Antidiabetic Medicine

Diabar is GMP certified medicine, a product by Divya Vedic Herbal Pharmacy. This is a 100% natural and safe antidiabetic medicine made from twenty two kinds of herbs and helpful in controlling blood sugar levels and combating complications generated from diabetes. Extracted form of each ingredient is used in order to better the effectiveness. The best thing about this herbal, antidiabetic medicine is that it has no interaction with other prescribed medicines. Physiological and health condition of a person are essential factors for accumulating the result of the medicine. Gurmar/meshasrungi, methi, jamun, guduchi, haridra, neem, karela, kalamegha, gokshura are some natural ingredients used in the formulation.

Diabetic people must take these antidiabetic medicine to get benefits, like:

  • Activation of beta cells of pancreas.
  • Regeneration of lipid mechanism.
  • Increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol.
  • Prevention of oxidative damage.
  • Activation of metabolism.
  • Prevention of vascular and nerve damage.

Our list of antidiabetic medicines include diabetes Ayurvedic tablets, blood sugar Ayurvedic medicine, and sugar control diabetic herbal medicine. These medicines are to be taken every day, before morning and night meals.