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Herbal Immunity Booster

Multivitamins and proteins are provided to the body by the food we intake on regular basis. But, adults and seniors need dietary supplements to get their body function in a way it used to.  It is because the changes in diet leads to inadequate intake of nutrients. If it is not possible to obtain nutrients from food, it becomes essential to rely on supplements and what is better than herbal supplements. Divya Vedic Herbal Pharmacy is a producer of herbal immunity booster, like multivitamin powder for seniors, senior food supplement, and protein powder for elderly & seniors.

This herbal immunity booster is best for use all year around, but can be taken particularly in winters, as seniors are more susceptible to infection and disease. Herbal ingredients used in the immunity booster helps in boosting natural defense system of the body. Along with taking this supplements, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet, and stay physically active.